About Psychiatry of Atlanta, Inc.

Psychiatrist located in Atlanta, GA

Psychiatry of Atlanta, Inc. offers integrative mental health care to children, teens, and adults at their office in Atlanta, Georgia. Their highly trained and experienced physicians, mental health professionals, and staff specialize in holistic care, giving people throughout Metro Atlanta comprehensive care that restores their mental, emotional, behavioral, and physical well-being.

The Psychiatry of Atlanta, Inc. team is well-known for its compassion. The team devotes time to understanding each patient’s concerns, completing psychiatric evaluations, and creating personalized treatment plans targeting their unique mental health needs.

People seek the team’s help for every type of mental health challenge, whether they want guidance during a major life transition, have anxiety or depression, or need treatment for complex disorders like bipolar disorder.

In addition to medication management and therapy, the team also offers advanced treatment options. For example, they provide esketamine for treatment-resistant depression and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), which improves many psychiatric conditions without medication.

Psychiatry of Atlanta, Inc. also specializes in veteran services, helping veterans transition to civilian life and providing expert care for their mental health concerns, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

To learn more about the services available at Psychiatry of Atlanta, Inc., or to schedule an appointment, call the office or use online booking today.